Nighttime Repair Serum Capsules

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Brand: Mary Jay
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Mary Jay's Nighttime Repair Serum Capsules are airtight and free of contaminants. A simple-two ingredient formula makes the newly emerging skin ingredient cannabis, the star. High-quality fractionated MCT oil (coconut oil) combined with organic, whole-plant, full-spectrum cannabis extract, provides immensely beneficial anti-inflammatory, calming, and protective effects on skin. The CBD and other cannabinoids present help to alleviate various skin problems and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Usage: Puncture the gel capsule with the pin provided and apply to the face. Rub the serum into the face with clean hands. Skincare gel caps can be used daily before bed as part of a daily skincare routine or used as needed.

30 Gel Capsules (25 mg of cannabis oil per capsule)

Ingredients: Organic full-spectrum cannabis extract, MCT oil (coconut oil). All ingredients are non-comedogenic (will not clog pores).

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